One of the hikers was airlifted to safety. | Guardia Civil

This weekend, the Guardia Civil rescued two women who got lost while hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. The Guardia Civil reported today that on Friday afternoon a 51-year-old German woman reported that she was lost in the Serra des Teixos area (Escorca) and that the weather was very bad, with strong winds and dense fog.

From a helicopter, the team of the Special Mountain Rescue Group (GREIM) spotted the hiker, rescued her and few her to Inca. Then early on Sunday afternoon an 81-year-old woman of the same nationality who was hiking in the mountains near Escorca lost her way and became disoriented.

After several helicopter flights over the area where the woman was thought to be, and thanks to the description of her clothing, the GREIM mountain rescue team managed to locate her and rescue her using the so-called crane cycle, as it was impossible to land due the terrain. Both women were unharmed and did not require medical assistance.