Palma getting ready for LGTBIQ festival. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma's celebration of LGTBIQ week will include various activities and festivities over the ten days from June 18 to 28 but it will not include the parade of floats that was planned for the first time due to lack of time, according to the councillor for Social Justice, Sonia Vivas.

According to the councillor, Palma City Council will organise Palma Pride Week, which will open on June 18 with a party in Sa Feixina, continue with a concert in the same location on June 25, and conclude with the traditional demonstration on the 28th, organised by Ben Amics. Among them, Vivas pointed out, numerous activities related to music, art and the family are planned, as well as conferences, workshops and debates.

The councillor, who justified not holding the parade because of the lack of time to organise it and because of health measures due to the pandemic, denied the controversy with other associations over the organisation of the week. It should be remembered that Ben Amics had described the parade proposal as an attempt to "commercialise the fiesta".

Vivas also stressed that her intention in programming these activities is "that all those who form part of these groups see themselves represented."

The councillor presented the Pride Week activities accompanied by ELLA's president and events coordinator, Kristin Hansen and Taina Alves, and activist Marta Marqués.