Traffic sign in castellano. | Ultima Hora

The Balearic Government is threatening to go to court over the language used on traffic signs.

Recent changes to the Traffic law require that writing on traffic signs in public roads is done in Spanish, as well as in the official language of the Autonomous Community.

A petition presented by the Balearics to the Central Government requests that the co-official status of Catalan be respected so that it is not necessary for the writing to be in both languages.

The Conselleria de Fons Europeus states that when only one language can fit on the sign, it should be in Catalan and that it doesn't need to be in Spanish as well.

The Balearic Government claims that having Catalan on the signs will help preserve the rich, linguistic diversity of the language. It also hopes to coordinate with other Autonomous Communities that are in the same situation, in order to strengthen its case and build support for the changes it’s asking for.