mercaPalma, Palma | Ultima Hora

A Nigerian man has been arrested for allegedly stealing a truck from mercaPalma in broad daylight and trying to load it up with goods at a supermarket warehouse.

The suspect allegedly walked into mercaPalma, spotted a truck freight truck that was unlocked. He found the keys under one of the seats, jumped in the drivers seat, started up the Mercedes Atego, and drove away.

A short time later the suspect discovered a delivery note from a supermarket chain in the truck and went to the warehouse to try to get boxes of fruit and meat.

Workers at the supermarket grew suspicious when the man turned up at the loading dock outside the normal collection hours on Friday and showed them a collection report dated April 5.

They called security, who contacted the transport company and were told that a truck had gone missing and that the suspect was not employed by the company.

The National Police were called to the scene and the 45-year-old suspect was arrested.