Covid patient in ICU at Son Llatzer Hospital, Palma. | Teresa Ayuga


There were 87 Covid fatalities in the Balearic Islands in the last month and 58 in the last week, according to the Health Department.

50 of the deaths were added after a review of mortality records for January and February.

The Covid death toll in the Balearic Islands now stands at 1,344.

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“In January and February we had about 5,000 cases a day and Public Health is reviewing them one by one to confirm who died from Covid and who didn’t,” explained Health Minister, Patricia Gómez. “Some cases were not reported at the time, but we are including them now because it makes a difference when we are assessing the evolution of the pandemic.”

There are currently 132 Covid patients in hospital in the Balearic Islands, however some of them were admitted with other ailments, then tested positive during screenings. These cases are counted as admitted infections but their health is not in danger.

"The evolution of the Covid pandemic in the Balearic Islands is under control at the moment,” said Health Minister, Patricia Gómez. “But the Covid situation is not the same all over Spain. When we discussed the situation at the Inter-territorial meeting, Asturias and Galicia both expressed deep concern about Covid. They have increased their Covid measures and Communities are continuing to monitor transmission of the BA2 ómicron variant.