Some of the passengers who were left behind.

On Saturday afternoon, fourteen passengers due to fly with Ryanair from Palma Son Sant Joan Airport to Malaga were left behind.

Passengers on the flight had all checked in and were at the gate. They were being organised into groups for the shuttle bus to take them to the plane. Due to a lack of space, fourteen passengers remained and waited for the bus to return for them. As one observed: "We watched the last bus leave, and there we stayed ... waiting."

After some time without information, they discovered that the plane had taken off without them. "I don't understand how this could have happened. We all passed through the security check. The system would surely have indicated that we were still on land."

The airline offered them a later flight - at 10pm - but some had already lost connecting flights. As compensation, they were apparently given four-euro vouchers to spend in the airport.