Banana trees in Palma. | M.A. Canelles

Palma City Council says it won't plant any more banana trees because they're causing too many allergy problems.

"There will be no banana trees or jacarandas unless we have to replace trees that are the same species," said Accessibility Councillor, Angélica Pastor who confirmed that 10,000 different species of trees will be planted during this legislature.

"The streets are full of banana pollen, which is a serious problem for allergy sufferers," she added. "These trees are very old and they're huge."

The trees that are already planted won't be destroyed, but if they fall down or become diseased they will be replaced with a different be species.

There have been so many problems that Emaya has restructured its cleaning services to help get rid of the pollen.

But the Parks & Gardens department has warned that banana trees are very sturdy and offer lots of shade.

Some of the banana trees in Palma are more than 100 years old and have been in La Rambla, Passeig des Born and other streets in the city for many, many years.

There are four or five species of trees in the Balearic capital, but a lot of them are banana trees.