'Brunch in the Park', Parc de la Riera, Palma. | Pere Bergas

Residents of es Fortí are furious about the ‘Brunch in the Park’ electronic music festival in Parc de la Riera last weekend.

"Parc de la Riera is a public space to celebrate private business," said Associació de Veïns managers.

Hundreds of electronic music lovers bought tickets for the two day event, which ranged in price from 20-37.50 euros and live bands played until midnight.

But residents are very unhappy, because they were prevented from entering the park on Saturday and Sunday unless they paid the entry fee.

"Throughout the weekend, neighbours have been calling us because they have been forced to listen to loud music from six o’clock until midnight," blasted Association President, Salvador Maimó. "If they want to hold a concert, they should do it in a disco or an industrial warehouse. They closed the park and everyone was drinking and using the swings. The park is an area to relax in, or walk and enjoy the fresh air, it’s not a place for concerts."

On Thursday, May 12, local residents are invited to go to Plaza Madrid or Plaza Barcelona from 1730 until 2100, where students of the IES Ramon Llull will be conducting a survey of complaints and suggestions for the area.