Cala Llombards traffic restrictions. | Ultima Hora

Twenty streets in Cala Llombards have been closed to unauthorised vehicles to prevent tourists who go to Caló des Moro from causing gridlock in s'Almunia and Cala Llombards.

Only authorised vehicles will be allowed to access Cala Llombards from now until October, and limited vehicle circulation will also be in force in s’Almunia.

"If there are more traffic problems, the Acire area will be extended to the entire core of Cala Llombards," warned Mayor Maria Pons.

In recent years, hundreds of tourists have flocked to coastal areas of Santanyí and some were prepared to wait up to four hours to access Caló des Moro. A large car park was available for the hundreds of vehicles that came to s'Almunia every day, but this year it will be closed.

"The tourists who cause traffic problems in the s'Almunia area don’t contribute anything to the municipality," said Mayor Pons. "On the contrary, they cause us many problems and a lot of expense."