The suspect in court this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A Palma court today sentenced to seven and a half years in prison a woman who tried to burn her partner alive in the abandoned old Palma prison in January 2019. The accused, of Spanish nationality and 50 years of age, acknowledged the charges and has accepted the penalty.

The events took place at around 11pm on the 19th. The defendant and the victim lived together in the old prison and the woman, with the intention of apparently killing her boyfriend, waited until he was asleep to set fire to the mattress and the blanket where the man was lying. Fortunately she only managed to burn the sole of her partner's shoe.

Several Palma Local Police units rushed to the scene and, together with another of the residents there, smothered the flames.

When the firemen arrived the fire was already extinguished. The injured party testified at the hearing that his now ex-partner told him shortly before trying to burn him "the Fallas of Valencia are nothing compared to this".

In addition to the prison sentence, she has been held on remand since the events occurred, the convicted woman will not be allowed to go within 200 metres of her ex-boyfriend for the next 17 years and will be on probation for five when she leaves prison.