Residents have had enough. | Associació de Veïns Barri Civic de Santa Catalina

The residents association in Santa Catalina, Palma says that the area has become one for stag and hen parties and also for parties in rented apartments.

They say that the noise is intolerable. There are people armed with "whistles and megaphones". Residents who can't take it any more have sold their properties to investors who rent them out for "wild parties".

In addition, there are street musicians who prevent residents from listening to television or from sleeping. "We demand that the mayor takes action. We are tired of unproductive meetings with all kinds of councillors and the police. We never get anything done." When the police are called because of the noise, "they usually don't come".

On top of all this, the relations between residents and restaurant owners have broken down. On Sunday, it is said that several residents were threatened. "If a neighbour tells them that they are not complying with the law, they go after him."

A resident of C. Monsenyor Palmer says that he has suffered severe harassment by the owners of two establishments. "One of them is only licensed to open until midnight but is still open at dawn." The noise and the vibrations can make it impossible to sleep. "They have taken measurements. They exceed the permitted levels, but nothing happens."