Es Firó, Moors and Christians, on Monday. | Pere Bota


During the fiesta celebrations in Soller on Monday, a man was arrested for attacking a woman and a police officer.

The Guardia Civll say that a security guard saw a man grab a woman by the shoulders and shake her. This was reported to the Soller police. Officers went to the scene, and one was attacked by the man. He was arrested by the Guardia Civil for a crime of gender violence and for assaulting a law enforcement officer.

Meanwhile, the IB3 broadcaster has posted a message on Twitter condemning "sexist abuse" directed at news staff who were covering the Moors and Christians battle. The Guardia Civil say that they have not received any complaints related to this.

At the event in 2017, a man was arrested for alleged sexual assault. He was eventually acquitted of the charge in December 2019, the woman in question having excused him.