Paseo de Cales, Mallorca. | M. Nadal

Manacor town hall has requested 75-year concessions as titleholders of the Cales de Mallorca and Porto Cristo promenades and the Cala Magrana pumping station. The request has been made to the Spanish government and specifically to the directorate for coasts.

The town hall carried out urgent repairs in all of those areas after Storm Gloria caused extensive damage in January 2020. It wants them to be in the town hall's name so that it can take action, if and when necessary in the future. Opposition groups at the town hall have supported this request.

The Costas Authority opened proceedings against the town hall for carrying out work without its permission.

“The disciplinary file is under appeal, but make no mistake, we will defend the interests of the citizens of Manacor tooth and nail in order to obtain 50% of the cost of the works that they promised us,” said councillor for urban planning, Núria Hinjosa. She added that, with the concession, "we will be able to act with all legal and technical security".

The opposition groups have complained that the works are taking too long and are businesses in Carrer d'en Burdils in Porto Cristo, who have not been able to reopen.

At the end of April, the company asked for an extension to the contract, which expires on May 29, so that it can finish the frontline improvements.