ITV, Palma. | Ultima Hora

An ITV supervisor who forced inspectors to authorise faulty vehicles that belonged to his friends, has been fired.

He appealed the decision in court, but the TSJIB found that the company's investigation proved the allegations.

The company launched an investigation after receiving an anonymous complaint entitled "Corrupt supervisor ITV Can Pastilla.” They interviewed inspectors working at the ATV station and discovered that at least four faulty vehicles had been passed, including a truck and trailer with a serious suspension and traction problem, a car that was leaking oil and had bald tires and a van that didn’t have a reversing light and emitted more polluting gases than allowed.

The employee, who had worked for ITV for 30 years, denied all of the allegations and accused one inspector of instigating complaints against him because of a prior grievance.

“The ITV service carries out a detailed procedure which is in the public interest and ensures road safety,” said ITV.