Roadworks on Porto Cristo's frontline. | Maria Nadal

Work on the frontline C. Bordils in Porto Cristo is causing despair among residents and businesses. It was meant to have been concluded by the middle of April but is now due to be completed at the end of the coming week; there was a four-week extension.

The AIPC (Agrupació Independent de Porto Cristo), who have two councillors at Manacor town hall and are among the opposition parties, insist that the work has taken as long as it has because initially there were only four of five workers when there could have been up to thirty.

At the same time as this renewal work is being carried out, the gas company Redexis has been doing work on two other streets - Gual and Port. As a consequence, says AIPC councillor Antònia Llodrà, two of the three entrance and exit points in Porto Cristo have been closed. On Thursday, she adds, "Porto Cristo was like a mousetrap".

One of the restaurant owners on C. Bordils hopes that they finish soon, "because in August it will be too hot to lay tiles". Llodrà trusts that the work will have finished in time for the Porto Cristo fiestas, which start on June 15.

Núria Hinojosa, the councillor for urban planning, regrets the inconvenience but adds that businesses will be the main beneficiaries of the work, as there will be "a modern promenade without problems with flooding". She explains that contract law allowed the company to request the extension.