Tango was seized in Palma in April | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Public Prosecutor’s Office wants to secure the seizure of the Tango, the yacht of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, which is being held in Palma at the request of the United States.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has asked the US judicial authorities to provide more documentation on the case and, in particular, whether there is a criminal investigation underway against the owner of the mega-yacht.
The initial documentation provided by the United States was rather sparse.

The seizure order was issued by a District Court in Columbia, signed by Magistrate Zia Mustafa Faruqui.
The tycoon’s legal representation in Spain has lodged an appeal with the Palma court, which enforced the order.

The main argument is that the American judge’s injunction is not sufficient because it does not clarify whether there are any criminal proceedings underway against the yacht’s owner.

The cooperation agreements between the United States and Spain stipulate that there must be an open criminal investigation in one of the two countries in order to be able to act against the assets of the person under investigation.

Tango was seized in early April in a joint action by the Guardia Civil, the FBI and other US agencies.
Vekselberg was in theory under investigation for tax fraud and money laundering for attempting to conceal the vessel.   

The yacht, which is 78 metres long and valued at more than 90 million euros, flies the Cook Islands flag and is owned by a company based in the Virgin Islands which, in turn, is owned by others in Panama.

The report by FBI agent Cindy Burnham, which serves as the basis for the seizure, claims that Vekselberg was one of a number of people suspected of collaborating with Putin who were to be sanctioned by the United States in 2018.
These measures had been in place since the 2014 invasion of Crimea.

The FBI agent claim that there are indications that Viktor Vekselberg has since tried to hide the fact that he is the owner of the yacht that is being held and that he has continued to move millions of dollars despite the embargo

It describes how transfers to the alleged owner of the yacht, a British national, are on record.
The report also reviews the oligarch’s activities in Russia and his closeness to former president Dmitry Medvedev in particular, who allegedly supported him directly.

It also raises suspicions that he was involved in a million-dollar bank fraud and that he used the funds to buy Fabergé jewels.

The court in Palma is the one that maintains the seizure of the boat and will have to handle the appeal. Meanwhile, the Tango remains in the Palma shipyard.