Illegal selling on Es Trenc.

While not on the same level as on beaches in the main tourist resorts, there has been illegal selling on Es Trenc beach in the past. However, there are currently any number of vendors who are taking advantage of the fact that no beach bars are open.

Since the demolition of the permanent chiringuitos, there have been temporary bars that are dismantled at the end of the season. The problem right now is that there aren't any, and it will take some time for them to be put up. This is the due to the delay in the Costas Authority giving permission to Campos town hall to tender and award contracts.

The town hall is demanding that the Balearic government applies greater control over illegal selling, as the municipality doesn't have the police resources to do this. As it is, the town hall spends an estimated 450,000 euros on the likes of surveillance, cleaning and maintenance, while it is opposed to the elimination of three of the six demountable chiringuitos - the Costas Authority has agreed to this at the urging of the regional environment ministry.

The government and the town hall are at loggerheads partly for political reasons - the Partido Popular run Campos town hall - and they disagree when it comes to the provision of services on Es Trenc beach. The town hall says that the government looks to blame the beach bars for overcrowding and for a degradation of the beach. But the government doesn't, for example, take responsibility for the illegal selling.