The Guardia Civil has opened an investigation. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Guardia Civil in Manacor on Monday arrested a 16-year-old Briton accused of allegedly raping a compatriot of the same age that he had met in a hotel in Sa Coma, in the municipality of Sant Llorenç. According to judicial sources, the mother burst into the room when the aggressor was allegedly forcing himself on the victim and raised the alarm.

The alleged victim had been staying at the establishment for a few days with her parents and sister, and on Monday afternoon they met the British teenager and hung out with him in their bedroom.

At one point, one of the girls stayed in the room alone with the boy and allegedly started kissing him, while the other left and started listening to music with headphones.

However, it appears that as one thing looked like it might to another, the alleged victim said she wanted to stop at which point the teenager allegedly became very violent and threw her on the bed, in order to apparently rape her.

Moments later, the mother of the two sisters, entered the room and found the stranger apparently forcing himself on her daughter. She started screaming and calling for help.

The accused was eventually arrested on a charge of sexual assault and is currently being held in police custody.

The suspect maintains that the intimate encounter with the minor was consensual. The Judicial Police have visited the hotel to interview the witnesses involved and take their statements.