The Balearic government has passed a decree law to deal with illegal parties.

The Balearic government has passed a decree law by which licences will be withdrawn if properties intended for holiday rental are being used for illegal parties.

The government has responded to what has become a proliferation of these parties, especially in Ibiza. It wants to ensure that the illegal business of these parties doesn't spread to the other islands.

Mercedes Garrido, the minister for the presidency, says that owners are obliged to monitor what happens in their properties. Willingness to cooperate will be taken into account, such as notifying the authorities in the event that illegal activity is detected. But if owners do not comply, they will face penalties in the same way that someone who carries out illegal building work is sanctioned and must pay fines so long as they do not repair what was done without permission.

The president of the Council of Ibiza, Vicent Marí, stresses that owners cannot ignore what goes on in their properties. The decree law has established fines of between 150,000 and 300,000 euros for the owner. In addition, the holiday rental licence will be withdrawn as a precautionary measure.

The owner will not be the only one who is liable. Garrido explains that sanctions will apply to organisers of illegal parties, those who publicise them, DJs, anyone else involved in staging parties and those attending them. The range of fines is from 300 euros for attendance to 300,000 euros for organisers and owners.