The mobility plan proposes studying measures. | Gabriel Alomar


Palma town hall's plan for sustainable urban mobility is due to be given initial approval at next week's council meeting. Covering the period to 2030, it has some forty measures related to mobility, the aims of which are to reduce emissions and noise pollution and to promote environmentally friendly transport.

Until now, the advance notices regarding the town hall's intentions have focused on cars, but the plan also includes proposals for the regulation of motorbikes and other "two-wheelers" (not including bicycles). The text refers to a "reconsideration" of the free entry of these vehicles into the so-called Acire zones - ones with restricted access - the implication being that they would be prohibited, unless, for example, they have residents' permits.

The text goes on to say that the implementation of a low-emissions zone in the centre of the city should also apply to "two-wheelers". Moreover, it is suggested that motorcycles should have "no privilege" in ORA pay-for-parking zones. In other words, payment would be required, if parking is not in specific places reserved for motorbikes, mopeds and scooters.

These aren't definitive regulations, as the plan speaks about "studying" their implementation. Because they aren't definitive, the main opposition party at the town hall, the Partido Popular, has wondered why they have been included. If the administration doesn't intend implementing them, they should be removed from the draft text. An amendment to this effect was rejected.

Following initial approval of the mobility plan, there will be the normal period for submissions, after which the final text will be approved and measures gradually applied across the city.