One of those due to attend, a blogger living in Cala Ratjada, posted this on social media.

Some thirty Germans who hold extreme right-wing views have been gathering in Mallorca this weekend for what has been described as a working meeting.

The Catalan magazine and website La Directa first reported this meeting on Friday, indicating that participants were expected to include two members of the AfD (Alternative for Germany) political party - Gunnar Lindemann and Heinrich Fiechtner. Others are known for their anti-Islamist and anti-immigration views.

The titles for discussion topics at the meeting include 'From Islamist to Islamist hunter: what can we do against Islamisation?'.

Organisers refer to having booked "a very pleasant and idyllic finca" in order to exchange ideas, to network, to strategise to "save civilization" and "to have a good time together".