Local Police at the scene in Alcudia. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The local police in Alcudia fined an electric scooter rider 1,000 euros in the early hours of this morning after he was caught drunk riding - he was four times over the permitted alcohol limit - on the road to Arta where he fell off his scooter.

Several witnesses alerted the police at around 4.30 am. When the officers reached the scene they were told that the injured man had fled the scene after the accident and that he was clearly drunk. Minutes later the offender was located.

On being breathalysed, he gave a result of 0.99 mg/l and was fined 1,000 euros. The local police said while these offences are not considered a criminal offence, drivers of VMP vehicles, such as electric scooters, and bicycles are prohibited from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.