The remains of the torched waste bins in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Arsonists have struck again in Palma. The National Police Force's Robbery Group has taken charge of the investigation into a new wave of arson attacks on rubbish bins in various parts of Palma.

At 03.10am on Monday, emergency teams received a report that a number of rubbish bins, located in calle Biniamar, were engulfed in flames. The fire also damaged a car that was parked correctly next to the containers.

Officers from the National Police, Palma Local Police and the Palma Fire Brigade quickly went to the scene of the incident and smothered the flames.

Thanks to their swift response, the fire was brought under control and did not spread to the rest of the vehicles.

On this occasion, the flames also reached several trees and the access railing for the torrent stream. The source of the fire was next to some basketball and football courts. A few metres away, just in front, there is a school. Fortunately, no personal injuries were reported, but damage to material was substantial.

Officers in charge of the case are also investigating two attempted fires which did not materialise. The first of these took place in calle Pensament and the second, Amilcar, in Playa de Palma. Police officers have gone to both locations to take samples and analyse what happened in depth.

For months now, the activity of the arsonists has been frenetic and they are striking more often. Investigators suspect that the perpetrators are no longer confining themselves to setting fire to containers.

Now, abandoned cars or open-air public car parks have become targets. The National Police are dedicating a large number of personnel and investigators - in uniform and plain clothes - to catch the arsonists.