The beach club where the incident occurred. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The 19-year-old Norwegian tourist who fractured his spine after jumping into a pool in Magalluf was egged on by his friends.

In a report by television magazine programme Espejo Público, the owner of the beach club, Juanma Colom, says that he was being encouraged to somersault from a poolside sofa into the pool. There is a warning sign by the pool which indicates that the depth is only 1.2 metres - 'No Diving'.

The owner has viewed what happened on security cameras. Although a security guard passed by on several occasions, the 19-year-old stood up and dived into the pool.

The incident occurred around 1.30am on May 24 at the Oceans Beach Club. He suffered a very severe blow to the head as well as the injury to the spine. Doctors at Son Espases Hospital in Palma fear that he may never walk again.