Rubbish containers totally destroyed. | MDB


Overnight on Friday, Palma police and firefighters had to attend three more deliberate fires. Rubbish containers were set ablaze and parked cars were also badly damaged.

The first two fires were near to each other on C. Ausías March and C. Rosselló i Caçador. The Palma Fire Brigade and police were quickly on the scene and put out the fires, which had also affected buildings and trees.

The most serious incident followed not long after. Containers in Rafel Vell were destroyed and six cars were affected - three of them were gutted.

The police have arrested various individuals and the courts have sent them to prison for deliberately starting fires. The incidents had died down, especially during the pandemic, but they are once more all too frequent. The police believe that the fires on Friday night were the work of the same person or persons. But identifying the pyromaniac or pyromaniacs and linking them to other fires is far from easy.