The accused in court in Palma this week. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A woman has been sentenced to six months in prison and fined 180 euros for slapping a National Police officer and biting another in a bar in Palma.

The accused, a 36-year-old Cuban national, pleaded guilty at the trial, held a few days ago, to one count of assault and two counts of minor bodily harm. She will have to compensate one of the officers with 140 euros for the injuries caused and the other with 255 euros for the wounds and damage to his uniform.

The events took place at around 9.30 p.m. on 20 December 2020. The officers were called to a bar in Palma because the woman was bothering customers.

The accused slapped one of the police officers hard in the face when she tried to calm her down and grabbed her arm.

The suspect continued to resist and bit the other police mofficer who intervened. The officers required medical assistance as a result of the woman’s aggression.

The accused admitted to the charges.