The aFinance offices, located on C. Unió in Palma, are modern, comfortable and functional. | PERE BOTA


Grupo aFinance has opened in Palma. The company has long worked with clients and properties in Mallorca, but it has now taken a step forward in having a branch in Mallorca. The group has undertaken various operations on the islands, but the opening of the office in Mallorca represents a major advance. aFinance has some 500 employees and is forecasting an increase in its market share this year in the whole of the country. In 2021, the volume of transactions was to a value of close to 800 million euros. Grupo aFinance offers a differentiated service through expert advisors who are available to clients at all times.

The company, headed by Armando Lasauca Inglés, has four divisions that specialise in different services in the property and finance world. Armando Lasauca Soldevila, son of the group’s president, directs aProperties; Enric Vial is in charge of aFinance; Miquel Roig is responsible for aRetail; and Lluís Vial heads aCapital.

The group is distinguished from the competition by being a family business, by the fact that all its members are executives and by the excellent treatment of employees and clients. In this regard, training is a fundamental for the company, which stamps its own DNA on employees.

aProperties and aFinance are the two divisions with their own personnel in Palma. Forecasts indicate that the real-estate wing will have close to one hundred employees, while aFinance is looking at a team of some forty advisors. As with all the group’s other offices - in Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Madrid and Valencia - there are also legal, human resources and marketing departments.
aFinance recognises that the property market is in good shape at present but flatly rejects the idea that there is a bubble.

Miquel Roig, Enric Vial, Armando Lasauca Inglés, Lluís Vial and Armando Lasauca Soldevila at the Palma office inauguration in May.

aProperties, real-estate consultancy for luxury properties

aProperties is the real-estate consultancy for luxury properties within Grupo aFinance. It was founded in Barcelona in 2014 and is dedicated to sales and purchases and rental of luxury properties in exclusive areas of the main cities. The business, led by Armando Lasauca, has rapidly become established and has initiated its plan of gradual expansion in Spain. At present, there is a workforce of some 250 professionals, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sant Cugat and now also in Palma.

aFinance, leaders in the management and negotiation of mortgage loans

aFinance is the leading consultancy for the management and negotiation of mortgage loans. It was formed eighteen years ago with the objective of always obtaining the best market conditions. Under the direction of Enric Vial, it is one of the benchmark companies in the sector. aFinance currently has a staff of some 100 professionals and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma as well as a presence in Alicante, Malaga and Seville. Initially, the Palma office will have four professionals with proven experience of the finance sector.

aRetail, great experts in the buying and selling of commercial units

aRetail is a consultancy that specialises in the sale and rental of commercial units. It was established eighteen years ago with the aim of collaborating with operators’ expansion, investors, wealth managers, investment funds and family offices in accessing the most desirous areas of the main Spanish and European cities. Under the direction of Miquel Roig, the business is focused on the search, identification, management and advice for the sale and rental of High Street commercial properties. It has a workforce of some thirty professionals, half of them from the consultancy world and the other 50% from recognised retail brands.

aCapital, asset management for achieving maximum profitability

aCapital is a real-estate consultancy that is focused on property asset intermediation with the purpose of obtaining the maximum capital return, maintaining growth, and maximising clients’ income. It is a business specialising in hotel and residential assets, land, and property and industrial unit development. Founded in 2014 under the direction of Lluís Vial Vendrell, it has become one of the companies of reference for the sector. It has a workforce of ten professionals and offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. It now also operates in Palma.