Motorhomes in Cala Murada. | Maria Nadal

Motorhomes that are two metres high or more will no longer will be able to park on the frontline in Cala Murada. Manacor police have carried out a review of traffic on C. Galicia, which is to become one-way and where only vehicles under two metres high will be able to park on the seafront section. This road curves away from the seafront, and the large motorhomes will be able to park on this section. Parking has been marked out so that there is enough space.

Joan Gaià, Manacor's councillor for the local police, says that this change "seeks to put order in the area and to avoid conflict". Motorhomes have been occupying more or less all the parking on the frontline, much to the annoyance of residents.

Gaià adds that "we are only moving large motorhomes half a kilometre and we are not prohibiting them from spending a night". "It's simply a measure to avoid problems and to organise the space. In no way are we against motorhomes."