Various associations are also helping Ukrainian refugees. | Marina J. Ramos

Families in the Balearics who have welcomed Ukrainian refugees into their homes or who have made homes available to them will be able to take advantage of financial aid of at least 200 euros per month.

The ministry of social affairs is to introduce this measure, and it will last - for now - until the end of 2022 and be backdated to March 1. The minister, Fina Santiago, explains that a decree law was passed for the Ukrainian crisis. Under this, financial aid is contemplated. The budget, which could be increased, is 500,000 euros. It is estimated that some 1,800 people who have fled Ukraine are living with Balearic families. Aid will also be available to entities which have provided spaces for refugees in order to cover expenses.

The aid will be 200 euros per month for one person and 300 euros for two refugees. In the case of more than two, fifty euros per person will be added. For entities such as associations that have provided space, they will not receive money directly. Instead, aid will be in the form of a subsidy for expenses such as electricity and water.

To be a beneficiary of this aid, there will have to be proof of home ownership and of Ukrainians having been registered for temporary protection.