Ukrainian families at Aqualand. | illesbalearsfoto

I would like to personally thank Aqualand for coming forward to support UR Mallorca for opening their doors yesterday to 150 Ukrainian families.

All of these families are here due to the war in Ukraine and as there is no financial aid in place many find it impossible to take the children to events and services here in Mallorca. The team at the park lead by Miguel no only welcomed us to the park and Illes Baleares fotos gave us a memento photo for us to hang in our centre, theses are just some of the families. Thanks.

Many many thanks for you for organising this weekend for Ukrainian families in Aquapark!!! It was a pleasure for all of us to be here with our children. I don’t even have words to explain our thanks to you!!! Elena

Tracy, thank you and all the people who were involved for such an opportunity, it was a wonderful day in a wonderful place. Andril

Ur Mallorca is supporting food for these families who due to the current system are not able to receive financial aid, with so many single mums that are unable to work as there is no childcare food and hygiene supplies are vital so being able to spend a day in the Aqualand is amazing for all the families that came and would never have been able to afford this. The generosity of these large companies leaves us speechless.

Ur Mallorca is open 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday to help displaced families.