Skat yacht in Mallorca. | Photo: Joan Llado.


From a distance she looks like a warship because of her grey colour scheme but Skat is one of the most luxurious yachts in the world. She is cruising around Mallorca at the moment and she is one of the most sought after super-yachts in the world.

The project started in November 1999 and the yacht launched in 2002. The owner wasCharles Simonyi, a former Software Engineer from Microsoft and the fifth space tourist. She was sold to a company called LoGenio owned by switzerland entrepreneur Eugenio Losa in October 2021. The yacht is 71 metres (233 ft) long. Simonyi once had a Danish girlfriend who called him skat, literally "treasure".

She is equipped with plenty of super luxury features including a lift which connects the four floors.

Photo: Joan Llado.