Dispute over tax rebate for recreational boat owners. | AENIB


The Association of Marine Industries of the Balearics (AENIB) today denounced the Spanish government’s decision to exclude recreational vessels from the fuel rebate applicable to vehicle owners because it believes that this decision “restricts” further growth of nautical tourism.

The Balearic nautical sector said that the government’s position “seriously” affects productivity and employment in the sector.

“Beyond the fact that this measure is simply taxation, this decision is not advantageous to anyone and it directly affects demand in the sector as it enters into peak season,” said the president of AENIB, Jaume Vaquer.

He also highlighted the fact that during the pandemic, nautical tourism became a valid and safe alternative tourism option.

“The nautical sector demonstrated its capacity to withstand a crisis and position itself as a safe and sustainable leisure alternative that is very beneficial for economic recovery”.

He also pointed out that 80% of the nautical sector in Spain is made up of boats under eight metres in length, small recreational vessels used by middle class families who on the one hand are entitled to a tax break on fuel for their cars but not for their boats.