The five in court on Tuesday.


United Tribuns is an association that was founded in Baden-Württemberg in 2004. Bearing some similarity with the Hells Angels, the United Tribuns became competitors to the Angels and other rocker clubs. This competition has included drugs trafficking.

In January 2020, the National Police launched a major operation against the United Tribuns Nomads. At the time, they were described as one of the most dangerous criminal organisations in Spain. Their intention, it was said, was to take control of the drugs trade in Mallorca.

Last year to this very day (June 28), the Prosecutor's Office announced that it would be seeking prison terms amounting to 31 years for the five main accused and fines totalling 650,000 euros. On Tuesday, the five came before the Provincial Court in Palma. They accepted sentences amounting to fifteen and a half years and fines totalling 175,200 euros.

The individual said to have been the leader of the gang in Mallorca was given an eighteen-month sentence and a fine of 200 euros. The sentence has been suspended for three years, as he has no previous criminal record. His cousin received a five-year sentence and has been fined 70,000 euros. The other three have each been sentenced to three years in prison and fined 35,000 euros.

According to the prosecutor, the leader and his cousin were engaged in the sale and distribution of ketamine, amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in different parts of Mallorca.