Balearic hospitals struggling to cope with the new wave of Covid. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Public and private hospitals in the Balearics are caring for 332 patients with Covid today, 50.9% more than a week ago, when there were 220 patients in hospital with the virus.

According to the Minister for Health, Patricia Gómez, 310 patients with coronavirus are in hospital 52.7 % more than seven days ago.

There are 22 patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU), when on June 23 there were 17, which represents an increase of 29.4%.

The unions that make up the Personnel Board of the Ponente Management (SIMEBAL, SATSE, USAE, CCOO, UGT, CSIF and STEI unions) have sent a communiqué to the general management of the Balearic Health Service Ibsalut, the management of Son Espases and the director of nursing to demand the reopening of the Covid units due to “the mounting pressure and the lack of foresight in the face of the increase in Covid patient admissions”.

The unions warn that the current situation of the hospitals show that the Balearics is handling a new wave of coronavirus, and that added to the increase in the population during the summer, “the emergency service is being pushed to its limit.”

The medical unions have complained that the admission to mixed wards, “hinders the work of nursing professionals and puts their health and the care they provide at risk”.

And they believe that “the staffing of the non-covid units is insufficient for the care required by this type of patient”.

In addition to the opening of Covid units, they also demand that more nursing professionals and non-health personnel be provided to “ensure the quality of care; more radiology professionals, and that PCR tests be carried out again on patients who require admission or surgery.”

Today, Ibsalut assured that the current situation of saturation is usual one for this time of year.