Drink-driving control in Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A lawyer, fined by a Palma court for drink driving, attempted to get an employee to take the blame for having been driving at the time of an accident.

In the early hours of August 19, 2018, the lawyer's car collided with a parked van on C. Despuig in Palma. A police breath test recorded that he was four times over the limit. He maintained that he had not been driving the car. The police didn't believe him.

As it happened, the accident was near to where an employee from the lawyer's firm lived. The lawyer tried to convince the police that the employee had been driving. They again didn't believe him. The story was then repeated at police headquarters and at the court of instruction, where the employee finally admitted that he hadn't been the driver.

The Prosecutor's Office had accused the employee of simulation of a crime, but the court cleared him on Friday, as his actions were not criminal. It had all been the lawyer's idea, but the police never gave this the slightest credence.