The graffiti at the Soller Train station. | Archive

A 28-year-old, responsible for graffiti at the Soller Train station in Palma, faces a demand of 16,000 euros by way of a fine and compensation.

A pre-trial hearing on Tuesday failed to arrive at an agreement between the prosecution and the defence and so the case will go to a full hearing in November.

The graffiti appeared in January last year. Palma police identified him as having been responsible, as he had been caught on two previous occasions; the train station graffiti was recognisable from his signature.

The Prosecutor's Office has accused him of a crime against historical heritage. The wall at the station forms part of what is an asset in the cultural interest. This status means that the cost of removal is far higher than would normally be the case. A specialist restorer is needed, and the Council of Mallorca's heritage department has to supervise it. In addition, there is the sheer size of the graffiti.

A prison sentence is not being demanded, as he has no criminal record.