Teenage Briton has since flown back home to Kent. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The British teenager who made the hoax bomb threat on a flight to Minorca on Sunday, July 3, had the idea of writing on the social network Snapchat, hours before boarding the easyJet flight from London to the island, that he was going to blow up a plane and that he was also a member of the Taliban sparking a major emergency operation has said that he is sorry.

The simple combination of these words in the same text message - explosion, Taliban and plane - was enough to set the alarm bells off in the complex cyber-security systems of the British police.

They tracked down the author of the message, who also posted it above a photograph of himself, after the plane had already taken off.

The French police then received the warning, as did the Spanish, and it was then that the two F18 fighter jets took off from Zaragoza to escort the plane, which was allegedly carrying the bomb which was about to explode.

After landing in Minorca, the Guardia Civil did not take long to identify him, given that his image appeared next to the message, and proceeded to arrest him while his five friends were questioned and released.

Initially he has his passport withdrawn and was not allowed to leave the island, pending the investigation.

However he was allowed to fly back to London last Friday.

The teenager from Kent told the MailOnline: "It was a moment of madness which I regret and I’m so sorry for the trouble I caused. It was a joke, and I didn’t mean anything by it.

"I’m sorry for ruining my friends’ holiday but it was all just a joke, and I didn’t mean to scare anyone on the plane if they were frightened by what happened."

Aditya Verma still faces the prospect of a criminal conviction and having to cover the £86,000 cost of scrambling the two fighter jets on top of a £10,000 fine.