Around a third of all properties purchased in Mallorca are bought by foreigners.

The Thursday session of the Council of Mallorca rejected a proposal that there should be a requirement of having lived in Mallorca for at least two years before being able to purchase a home.

The Podemos motion was for the Council to ask the Spanish government to approve this restriction. The opposition parties were all against this, and so were PSOE, the senior members of the Council's coalition administration along with Podemos and Més. Neither the Council nor the Balearic government is in a position to introduce such a measure, as the state has jurisdiction on this.

Aurora Ribot of Podemos, one of the two vice-presidents of the Council, said: "We want to encourage the purchase of homes among people who have roots on the island, regardless of their origin." She faced criticism from the spokesperson for the Partido Popular, Llorenç Galmés, who described the restriction as "xenophobic" and "racist".