Squatters in Palma's Plaza España. | Última hora

In the very centre of Palma, a group of homeless people have taken over part of the Plaza España and are causing serious problems.

The squatters have cordoned off certain areas of the square and have even set up a solarium on the terrace of one of the municipal booths in the square which is where the main public transport station is located and is used by thousands of visitors and residents every day.

What is more, the squatters are becoming increasingly violent towards the general public.

Some passers-by have filmed the homeless urinating in the middle of the square in front of more than a hundred people, including children.

In addition to squatting on public roads, their behaviour towards neighbours is violent and dangerous. Many tourists and residents are afraid to report them for fear of reprisals.

"It's a shame that the police do nothing. They pass by, they see the rubbish they have accumulated, they are illegally occupying municipal facilities and nobody says anything to them. They have taken over and it seems that the authorities are afraid of them", said one local resident.