In court on Tuesday. | Guillermo Esteban

A 26-year-old was fined 2,700 euros by a Palma court on Tuesday for riding an electric scooter while under the influence of drink and drugs and for causing an accident.

Shortly after 9pm on July 26 last year, he was riding a scooter, which exceeded 25 km/h and needed a moped licence, along the C. Octavio Augusto Palma. He was riding erratically, crossing into the wrong lane and going through red lights. He collided with the wing mirror of a Seat Arona that was stopped at a traffic light. Due to the impact, the driver suffered minor injuries.

He fell off the scooter and hit his head. He was unconscious when an ambulance took him to Son Espases Hospital. Blood tests gave a result of 2.31 g/l alcohol and positive for marijuana.

As well as the fine, he will have to pay 240 euros to the owner of the car for the damage that was caused.