The migrants were intercepted this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A total of 35 migrants were intercepted in Balearic waters today in three small boats. 21 migrants of North African origin were intercepted in apparent good health in the areas of Cala Pi and Cabrera.

According to the Central Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands, at 1100 a.m. three people were caught on land in Cala Pi (Llucmajor).

Guardis Civil patrols from Llucmajor took part in the operation. Later, at 1105 a.m., another 18 migrants were rescued in the water off Cabrera. The Guardia Civil’s Provincial Maritime Service intervened in this case.

Earlier, a total of 14 migrants, of North African origin, were intercepted in Puerto Cala Figuera, in Santanyí. The migrants who were apparently in good health, were rescued at around 820 a.m.

Excluding these groups, so far this year 41 small boats have reached the Balearic coast with 562 people on board.