British tourists entering Spain could be asked to show they have enough money to fund their holidays at the rate of €100 or £85 per day, according to a report in the Daily Record.

The financial requirements go even further, as visitors must have €900 minimum (£766.94), together with two other forms of proof: a return or onward ticket and evidence of accommodation.

According to a report on The Record´s website: "Tourists may need to supply this additional documentation during the busy holiday season, as UK travel firms have reacted with dismay claiming Spain could ease many of the rules rather than toughen the restrictions, especially as the UK is the country's largest tourism market.

The newspaper adds: the changes also follow a U-turn on moves to ease airport congestion for holidaymakers arriving in Spain by allowing UK passport-holders to use automatic e-gates to enter the country, Wales Online reported. UK arrivals must still get their passport stamped manually even if they use the e-gates to enter Spain.