The slogans telling “rude tourists are not welcome”. | Carla Colmenero


The fishing village of Binibèquer Vell, in Sant Lluís, Minorca, woke up this morning to see numerous red graffiti messages against tourism.

The slogans were apparently painted in the early hours with a stencil and spray paint on the façades of the houses and walls of the entire village, one of the most visited on the island.

The graffiti reads the message that “rude tourists are not welcome”.

The slogans come after a wave of complaints from some of the local residents who claim the village has been turned into a “theme park” in which “most tourists do not respect those of us who live there”.

The signs asking for silence in the streets are not enough.

Some residents, seeing the messages at various points in the village, brought the case to the attention of the municipal authorities.

For the moment, the perpetrator of the acts and the total number of graffiti, which could be related to a gesture of tourism-phobia, are unknown.

Despite the signs asking for silence in the alleyways, residents have complained that some visitors often act antisocially and disrespectfully.