Pedro Sánchez without a tie, but with a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket. | Chema Moya


On Friday, Spain's prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, called on ministers, other public officials and leaders in the private sector not to wear ties when they are unnecessary.

During a presentation at the Moncloa Palace, Sánchez pointed out that he wasn't wearing a tie, a gesture that helps use less air conditioning. "We can all make energy savings. When it is not necessary to wear a tie, we will save money."

The prime minister's proposal recalled a famous incident in July 2011 when the industry minister, Miguel Sebastián, clashed with the president (speaker) of Congress, José Bono, because he had removed his tie. He insisted that this was a means of not wasting energy.

Sánchez, meanwhile, announced that the government will approve a package of urgent measures for energy efficiency and savings on Monday.