Look no tie! | Jason Moore


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez almost had to eat his own words in Palma this morning when he met King Felipe at the Marivent Palace. Just hours after telling civil servants to ditch their ties because of the heatwave he arrived in Palma wearing a suit and tie! But when he spoke to the media after the audience he took it off!

During a presentation at the Moncloa Palace on Monday Sánchez pointed out that he wasn't wearing a tie, a gesture that helps use less air conditioning. "We can all make energy savings. When it is not necessary to wear a tie, we will save money."

During his audience with King Felipe the two discussed a wide range of issues and Sanchez said that political stability was needed at the moment as a result of the war in Ukraine and said that the general elections would take place, as planned, in December next year.

King Felipe and his family are enjoying a family holiday at the Marivent Palace.