The damaged fuel tank. | National Police


National Police in Palma reported today that they have arrested 32-year-old Spanish woman for criminal damage and stealing petrol from parked vehicle.

The events occurred in the conflictive Camp Redo neighbourhood of Palma, when a neighbour observed a person who was bending down and tampering with a vehicle.

When the police arrived on the scene they spotted a woman sitting next to a vehicle, where a container of fuel underneath it, as well as a puddle of petrol around it, and drops up to where the woman was sitting.

When the officers asked her about the incident the alleged perpetrator told them that she was waiting for a friend and that she happened to be sitting there with petrol.

The officers also observed that one of the vans had a hole in the fuel tank.
The police were able to corroborate that there were two vans that were parked, one of which had been emptied of fuel and the other was about to be refuelled.

After a search of the person, a screwdriver and a cutter were found among her belongings, both of which gave off a strong smell of petrol - she was subsequently arrested.