The Magic Roundabout area is the location for regular fights.


The Magic Roundabout area of Puerto Alcudia is the location for regular fights. The fights generally occur as nightlife establishments by the roundabout close. Alcudia police recently compared the behaviour of people who attended the large rock concert, Canet Rock, with that of the youths who repeatedly cause trouble at Magic. The police noted that anywhere between 100 and 500 people at Magic get involved in incidents, whereas around 14,000 at the concert were well behaved and didn't cause a single incident.

On July 14, pepper spray was used to tackle a large fight. Magic has become a magnet for young people seemingly intent on violence. For the most part, these are young people from the island and not tourists. Going back a few months, there was a massive brawl that put one person in hospital and caused damage to a bar's terrace furniture. That had absolutely nothing to do with tourists.

Historically, the area has been one for botellón street drinking. The trouble isn't new, but there is now far more of it than used to be the case.