Shops will be most affected. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Government inspectors will be making sure that businesses comply with the new energy saving measures, which will mainly affect shops, when the minimum temperature is set at 27 degrees from tomorrow until October 1, 2023.

The vice-president of the Balearic government, Juan Pedro Yllanes, said that there will be no “persecution” and that the government will be “understanding”, but appealed to the goodwill of businesses to comply with the rule. “This is not a problem of vigilance, but the need to be efficient,” he said.

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Yllanes explained that the Balearics will fully support central government’s measures. The Vice-President said that his department anticipated Madrid’s measures by sending an instruction to all local government departments to set the minimum temperature at 26 degrees.

The instruction has since been adapted to meet the government’s royal decree, which raises the minimum temperature to 27 degrees.