Demand for taxis has increased.


Taxi drivers in Alcudia, Muro and Pollensa have reached what is described as an "historic agreement" to try and prevent queues at peak times, on market days and during fiestas.

Under this agreement, as an example, a taxi driver from Puerto Pollensa who takes people to Alcudia market can then pick up in Alcudia if there is a shortage of taxis and the Alcudia drivers request this backup.

Average waiting times will therefore be reduced, the president of the taxi drivers in Pollensa, Victor Llompart, saying that the increase in the demand for taxis is mainly because of increased car-hire prices rather than by the number of tourists - the number is much the same as it was before the pandemic. He explains that the biggest problems occur after 11pm - people have had dinner, but there aren't the buses.

Llompart adds that the taxi drivers have an app for information to be shared by offices in Alcudia, Muro and Pollensa.