Double the number of cases compared with last year.


The Balearic government's consumer affairs department is warning that the number of online fraud cases has doubled this summer.

The director-general of consumer affairs, Félix Alonso, and the spokesperson for the Consubal consumers association, Alfonso Rodríguez, point out that identity theft (phishing), is the most commonly used means to appropriate data that is then used to defraud.

Alonso says that the government will be launching an information campaign to ensure that consumers ignore messages that are not safe.

Rodríguez explains that the number of cases has doubled compared with last year and that, for consumers, it isn't always easy to discern that online messages are fakes from the likes of banks, the Tax Agency, Correos (the Post Office) and delivery services.

Any cases of online fraud should be reported to the Guardia Civil or National Police.